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Granite, Quartz, and Marble Countertops in Englewood

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Granite, Quartz, and Marble Countertops in Englewood

One of our top priorities during the fabrication, installation, and maintenance of stone counters is customer satisfaction. You deserve to know the materials you are investing in and how they will perform. A granite, quartz, or marble counter installation can offer a durable solution for your kitchen or bathroom while providing a beautiful aesthetic that complements any style home.
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Long-Lasting Stone

Countertops in Englewood

A seamless stone countertop will really give your kitchen or bath a sophisticated look. Unlike laminate or wood, it provides the most durable solution for kitchens and baths, which is why it is so popular. From marble to quartz to granite, there’s a type of stone that will fit your home’s space and aesthetic.

Granite is a natural stone which contains quartz and feldspar. It is the hardest type of rock so it’s perfect for use as a countertop. You can also put quite heavy things on top without worrying about any cracking.

The random patterns in marble create a unique and elegant look on each piece. However, the material is more susceptible to damage than other options like granite. Marble seals need to be applied often in order to maintain its appearance.

Quartz is a popular, cost-effective alternative to granite and marble. It uses materials such as minerals, dyes, and resins to achieve desired attributes. Quartz may be more susceptible to heat than either granite or marble but is typically less expensive.

All options can last for decades when they are installed properly, the longevity of your new countertops depend largely on correct installation. Get a quote today

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Maintenance for Your New Countertops

You just got your new marble countertops installed, and you want to keep them looking pristine. If you live in Englewood – we can help!

Our technicians can renew your countertops so you don’t have to worry about leaving them vulnerable to stains, chips, and scratches. This service also helps to prolong the durability of your new countertops. If there are damages from everyday use, we can help restore it too.

New Granite & Marble

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At New Granite & Marble, we have been serving clients all over New Jersey for many years. Some of the counties we work in include Bergen, Passaic and Essex. We are experts in granite installation and will be able to help you out with your needs. If you live in Englewood, we can provide you with information on our best products or give you the best price.

We offer a variety of services to suit different budgets and needs, and below is a list of some advantages:

Not only do we provide access to an extensive range of granite, marble, and quartz countertops, but we work with the top providers of these materials in order to ensure that clients have an abundance of options. We also offer dozens of colors and textures so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

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We are the company you can trust if it comes to fabrication, installation, repair, cleaning and maintenance of Granite, Marble or Quartz.

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