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Coffee Brown

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Coffee Brown


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Black, Brown, Red


Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor, Outdoor


If want dark, stately granite, look no farther. This elegant, rich material, which originates in India, is available in an evenly specked black, brown, and red coloring. This granite provides a classic look that works well anywhere you would want to use it. Whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, outdoors, or even the floor, you can’t go wrong with Coffee Brown. This versatile granite has a wonderfully consistent maroon stone with hints of blue and black that is sure to provide a striking and ongoing impression on friends, family, and colleagues. The Coffee Brown variety of granite will stand up against the natural elements that your family and the weather can throw at it, to provide countless years of enjoyment and beauty. Our company is proud to offer such a magnificent style of granite to meet your personal designing needs. Contact us now to get Coffee Brown in your home.

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